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We love bringing back at least one item from every place we visit. Sometimes it’s a t-shirt, sometimes a postcard or a magnet, and sometimes it’s a more unique travel souvenir. We love showing them to our friends and telling them stories about the places we bought them from.

Buying souvenirs during your travels has become such a common thing that we find stalls full of popular souvenirs at every tourist site around the world. The prices of such items are usually low compared to handicraft products, so tourists usually prefer buying this kind of souvenirs.

Popular travel souvenirs are mass-produced and the industry surrounding them is huge. Tourists love souvenirs because they’re small and affordable gifts for friends and family, in addition to making a wonderful personal collection. A downside of popular travel souvenirs is that they are so common and cliché.

If you are tired of the cliché souvenirs everyone buys while traveling and are looking for some unique travel souvenir ideas, you’re in the right place! In this article, you’ll find some unique travel souvenir ideas to get inspired by and surprise your family with.

First let’s see the popular souvenirs you could buy during your travels:

Popular souvenirs

Before listing unique travel souvenir ideas let’s see the popular ones. These are the souvenirs you usually find near tourist attractions and they’re usually similar wherever you are. They’re mass-produced and cheap so many tourists prefer them.

We particularly like postcards and magnets since they are so small and usually depict the attraction you just visited. Postcards are also a perfect gift for your friends, with a short handwritten message on the back.

Other popular souvenirs are t-shirts or hats with the name of the city/country you’re in, glasses engraved with attractions, and keychains.

Below are some unique travel souvenir ideas:


We love trying traditional foods whenever we visit a new country. You can always eat a McDonald’s burger back home. But if you’re in Italy you better try a traditional pasta dish and if you’re in France enjoy all the cheese you can.

After enjoying delicious food during your travels, of course, you wish to bring some home with you. Food souvenirs are some of our favorites and our friends love them too!

You could pack some spices from India and Morocco, chocolate from Switzerland and Belgium, olive oil from Greece and Spain, cheese from Italy and France, and so on.

Just remember to check laws in both your country (or the country you’re headed to next) and the country you’re visiting to make sure you can bring food with you. Countries usually have very strict laws on food so inform yourself before buying any food that you wish to carry with you.


Another great unique travel souvenir that not many people consider is buying liquor. There is a lot of local liquor that many of your friends would like to try.

Think about Limoncello from Italy, Sake from Japan, and Scotch from Scotland. Ask locals what their traditional drinks are and pick some to bring home with you.

If you’re traveling by plane, you can only take bottles that are less than 100 ml with you unless you buy them duty-free from the airport. Products usually are more expensive at duty-free but if you want to buy liquor it’s the best option.

Kitchen accessories

Kitchen accessories are both unique and useful travel souvenirs. You could buy any type of accessories you want. It could be something unique to the place you’re visiting or just something useful that will remind you of your travel.

We like coffee mugs a lot and have a bunch of them with ornaments typical of the countries we bought them from. We have favorites that we use every day and others that we use rarely.

Kitchen accessories are also great souvenirs to bring for your family or friends. Some of the most appreciated are glass and ceramic items.

If you’re visiting Vietri or Amalfi in Italy, you’ll find some gorgeous ceramic items. While if you’re traveling to Venice, you’ll probably want to buy some Murano glass products.


Whether you buy traditional clothes or clothes made from local materials, we think that this is an amazing way to buy a unique travel souvenir.

You probably won’t find them near the tourist attractions but if you explore a bit the surroundings, you’ll find some craft shops.

Ask the staff at the hotel you’re staying where can you find craft shops. They will have some good suggestions and will be happy to help you.


Handmade jewelry is lovely, and it is another amazing unique travel souvenir. It isn’t too expensive, and people will always compliment you on your unique jewelry.

You can also find jewelry made from precious gems that cost a lot more in your native country. So, take advantage of that and buy some local jewelry.

Home decor

Another unique travel souvenir that everyone will love is home décor. Depending on the item, it can be more difficult to bring home.

But if you’re willing to pay an extra to bring it home then go for it! Some home décor items we have from our travels are wooden statues from Morocco, a ceramic wall clock from Italy, and a vase from Portugal.

Choose smaller items if you are traveling by plane and don’t want to pay any extra.


As huge booklovers, we love buying books while traveling. If we understand the language of the country we buy them in that language. Otherwise, we look for books in English and try to prefer the pocket size ones.

Books are also a great gift to bring to your family or friends. They were always very appreciated any time we gave books to our loved ones.

Do you have any suggestions on unique travel souvenirs? Let us know in the comments!

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