Travel planning mistakes to avoid


Planning your travel can save you a lot of time and money. Having to search for last-minute flights and accommodation can be stressful so we always try to plan in advance.

We have already talked about how to plan a trip, but we thought that it could be useful to focus a moment on travel planning mistakes you could do.

There are many things that could go wrong but if you pay attention to the following planning details you can avoid some of the issues.

Let’s see our top travel planning mistakes to avoid:

Planning too many activities

When you visit a new place you probably want to visit everything and try to add as many activities as you can. It’s normal and understandable, especially if you only travel once a year or even less.

The problem is that you may end up with too many activities to do and won’t actually have the time to enjoy them. If you need to keep an eye on your watch and run from one place to another it’s very unlikely that you’d have time to relax and recharge.

Try to choose a limited number of things you want to see and activities you want to do. You can also have a list of other fun activities or attractions you’d like to visit that is not an absolute must. And if you have extra time you can choose from that list.

Leave space for time to relax and for any extra spontaneous activities.

Travel planning mistakes to avoid

Traveling only during summer

Summer is considered high season for a reason. A lot of us travel during summer because that’s when we have time off and when kids don’t have school.

But if you don’t have kids you can choose different seasons and get better deals. Furthermore, summer is usually very hectic since so many people travel. So, by traveling during the low season you’ll get a more relaxed experience.

Not considering less touristic destinations

There are some destinations that are super popular, like Paris, New York, or the Maldives. They are probably on a lot of bucket lists.

So, of course, traveling to Paris or New York is not cheap and you’re going to find lots of tourists waiting to see the attractions.

You could consider a destination less touristy. There are so many unique places you could visit for much less and that offer you a more authentic experience.

Not doing research

We always like to research what are the best things to do when we visit a new place. You’ll find tons of resources online so read some articles and write down whatever sparks your interest.

It’s better to already have a list of attractions and activities you’d like to do when you travel so you won’t lose any time looking around.

Not consulting your travel partner/s

If you travel with other people, it’s important to ask them about their preferences too. You don’t want to plan the travel only to find out that the other person(s) doesn’t enjoy certain activities.

Try to involve everyone in the planning process, so everyone can express their needs and preferences.

Bringing too much luggage

Do you really need that extra pair of shoes? If you think about it, you probably could leave half of your planned luggage at home…

We all overpack sometimes and end up carrying too much weight around. Running with huge bags to catch a train or dragging our suitcases on an uphill road to get to our hotel is not fun.

It all could be avoided if only we leave items that aren’t essential at home.

Pro tip: keep everything organized so when you need to separate your tech items or any bottles at the airport, you’ll be able to do it quickly.

Not checking opening hours

We forgot to check opening hours several times and weren’t able to see some attractions during our travels because they were closed.

So now we always check for local festivities and opening hours. We avoid disappointments and have a chance to adjust our plans if the place we want to visit is open on a different day.

Not budgeting some extra money

You already budgeted for flights, accommodation, food, and fun activities. But what if you get charged more for your luggage? What if your camera charger dies and you need to buy a new one?

There could be a million reasons why you could need extra money so consider it when you calculate your budget.

Pro tip: bring both credit cards and cash with you because some places only accept cards while others only accept cash.

Not checking flight connections

When you buy tickets online you can get connecting flights and not checking if you have enough time between one and the other can result in losing a flight.

The first one could be late or to go from one terminal to the other you need more time because the airport is huge.

Whatever the reason, it’s better to check that you have some spare time.

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