Solo traveling: all the perks of traveling alone


Solo traveling usually raises some concerns for your safety, but it isn’t so different than traveling with other people. Of course, you should be careful and use your common sense in order to be safe. But you should also do it when traveling with friends and family.

We particularly love solo traveling because it allows us to truly relax and only think about our needs and wishes. It is an amazing experience, and we would suggest everyone to try it at least once.

Solo traveling doesn’t necessarily mean being alone. You can make friends along the way and have fun with people you meet while traveling. We are still in contact with some of the people we met during our solo travels and can’t wait to meet them again.

So, if you are interested in solo traveling and asking yourself what the perks of traveling alone are, you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to find out the benefits of solo traveling.

You’re free to do anything you want

One of the most important perks of traveling alone is the freedom to do anything you want. You can be selfish and only follow your desires.

This isn’t the case when you travel with other people. You need to compromise and find things to do that everyone enjoys. You can’t just stay six hours in a museum that your companions hate.

From the plane you book, to the attractions you visit, you need to consult your friends or your family and decide it all together.

While if you travel alone, you don’t need to cater to anyone else’s needs and you can just think about what you want to do.

You meet new people

Solo traveling, despite what people might think, doesn’t mean you’re always alone. On the contrary, you’re much more likely to talk to other people.

When you travel with people you know, you tend to stay in your bubble and don’t really socialize with others. But if you’re traveling alone you are more sociable. In addition, other people are also more likely to talk to you when you are alone.

Of course, you don’t have to meet new people if you don’t want to. And the beauty of traveling alone is also the fact that you get time to only be by yourself. But if you want to, you can make new friends easily.

You get to know yourself better

Solo traveling is the perfect opportunity to get to know yourself better. When you travel alone you get out of your comfort zone and have the opportunity to know yourself more intimately.

You might encounter some difficulties and find out that you are far more resourceful and stronger than you thought you were. You could also find out that the path you were on is not right for you and decide to change it.

Maybe your career isn’t satisfying, or your relationship is not working. When you have some time by yourself, without everyday distractions, you can reflect and discover something new about yourself.

You can learn a new language

If you’re studying the language of the country you’re traveling to, traveling alone increases your chances of improving your language skills.

When you travel with other people you are more likely to only speak your native language. While solo traveling, on the other hand, offers you much more possibilities of speaking with locals.

So, if you want to improve your language skills or learn a new language from scratch, solo traveling is the perfect opportunity!

You can relax

When traveling with other people we often feel pressured to do things even when we don’t want to. Maybe the flight was long and tiring, or you’re exhausted from walking all day, but your friends want to keep going.

If you travel alone, you can do whatever you want without feeling guilty. Want to take an afternoon nap? You can! Want to stay on the beach all day and just relax? Go ahead!

A great perk of traveling alone is the freedom to do whatever you want.

You have time for your hobbies

When traveling alone you can dedicate your time to any hobbies you have. You can read, write, paint, or play the guitar. Whatever is your hobby, you will have much more time to dedicate to it.

If you travel with other people, you’re more likely to spend time with them and not have much time for your creativity.

It makes you more confident

When you travel with other people you solve any issues together. But if you travel alone you need to figure everything out yourself.

You have to come out of your comfort zone and do things you never thought about doing before. It forces you to grow and as a result, you become more confident.

You will improve your decision-making and problem-solving skills and these skills will be useful in your everyday life too.

You can be your true self

When you travel alone no one knows who you are and no one has any expectations about you. You can be true to yourself and just enjoy your time without any pressure to act a certain way.

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Have you ever traveled alone? What was your favorite aspect of solo traveling? Tell us in the comments below!

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