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You’re planning your next road trip and want to make sure that you have everything you’ll need with you. Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will share our road trip packing list essentials.

Road trips’ length can vary a lot, from a day to a week or even a year. So, there can’t be a single packing list that works for every trip. It depends on many factors, like how long are you traveling and how many people are you traveling with.

So, we will offer a general list that you have to adapt to your needs. Maybe you’ll need more items or maybe you won’t need all the items we list here. It’s all up to you.

We often prefer road trips because of the flexibility of being in control of when we leave, how fast or slow we go, where we stop, and so on.

Another reason is we don’t have the limitations of a flight or even a train trip. You won’t need to drag your luggage or carry a heavy backpack while running to catch your train or trying to find your gate.

In a car or a van, you can pack whatever you want so you could be tempted to bring as much stuff as possible. Try to be more minimalistic and bring only things that you really need. It’s true that you don’t have restrictions but having too much stuff could make it hard to find things.

Also, with less luggage you’ll have more space for yourself, your friends and for any souvenirs or gifts you might buy during your trip.

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Now let’s dive into our road trip packing list essentials.

We will list items both for you and for your car. If your car has issues you won’t be able to travel right? So, remember to also bring your car’s essentials.

Then make a list of any personal items you might need depending on the season or the place you’re going to. Add some entertainment, especially if you’re traveling with kids.

And finally, don’t forget the snacks and drinks! Road trips are usually long and you’ll need some energy along the way.

Car essentials

car on a road

Let’s start with your car’s essentials. First of all, remember to take with you your driver’s license and your car registration and insurance information. You should always have these items with you, but since you’re going on a longer trip be sure to double-check.

Remember your car manual in case something might break, an extra key, and a spare tire with the tools to change it. Also, don’t forget to check your cars’ tires to make sure they’re in a good state.

Also, bring with you a water-resistant flashlight in case something goes wrong during the night and a roadside assistance kit for emergencies.

Personal essentials


This list can vary immensely depending on where you are going and the season you’re traveling. It can also change depending on how many people you’re traveling with so adjust it according to your needs.

You should, of course, bring clothes and shoes, both lighter and warmer depending on the weather. We usually bring some warmer clothes even when we think the weather will be hot because you never know.

Also, a couple of blankets and pillows could be useful for those sitting in the back seat. Remember to also pack your beauty products and a first aid kit.

Finally, even if you have Google maps, it would be a good idea to bring some paper maps too. You never know if you’ll have some connection issues, so having a paper map could help you find your way.


mario game

Road trips are super fun, but you can make them even better by bringing some entertainment. You could pack some games if you travel with small children to keep them entertained.

Also remember your laptop if you’re a digital nomad so you can work while traveling.

We never travel without our camera to capture the beauty of the places we visit, so if you have one take it with you. And don’t forget the chargers at home.

Food and drinks

food and drinks

Lastly, remember to bring food and drinks with you. You may feel hungry or thirsty while on the road so pack some snacks and drinks too.

You could also take some travel cups and coffee makers if you’re a coffee lover. And reusable water bottles to cut plastic use.

Do you have any road trip essentials that you always bring with you? Tell us in the comments below!

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