How to travel on a budget: our best tips and hacks


Do you have a limited budget and worry that it’s not enough to travel? Well, we’re here to help you out. In this article we will share tips on how to travel on a budget and even how to earn money while you travel.

You don’t need unlimited funds to be able to travel. What you need is a plan and a bit of research. Choose a destination, set a budget for your travel, and start planning!

If you need help in finding a destination, we wrote an article on how to find your next travel destination. And another one on how to plan a trip.

Now let’s dive into our travel budget tips.

Create a travel budget

The first step is to create a budget. Why do you need a travel budget? Because a budget will guide you in how much you need to save for your travel. It also helps you choose the type of accommodation and/or activities you can afford so you don’t spend too much.

So, to create a travel budget consider your preparation expenses, your travel expenses and add some extra money in case of emergencies.

For your preparation expenses include any visas, travel insurance, suitcases/backpacks, and any additional items you buy specifically for your vacation.

Your travel costs include transportation, accommodation, activities, food and drinks, and souvenirs. Add all costs and divide for the number of days you’re traveling. You’ll get a daily budget that will be your guide in your daily spending.

Of course, you can spend more one day, just remember to cut the costs on the next day to balance.

Finally, add an emergency fund in case something goes wrong. You never know if you need to pay for a couple of extra nights or for some extra expenses you didn’t consider. To be on the safe side also add the amount of a flight ticket in case you need to come home early.

Take advantage of flights and accommodation deals

The major costs when you travel are flight tickets and accommodation. Luckily, there are many websites that can help you find some great deals.

Your flight cost can vary greatly depending on your destination. If you’re on a tight budget maybe try choosing a closer destination. If you choose a closer place maybe you could also travel by train and spend less.

Check multiple websites to find the best deal and when booking don’t add any extra services that aren’t essential.

For the accommodation, there are multiple solutions that don’t cost a lot. You could book a B&B, a hostel, or an Airbnb. Check several websites to find the best option for you.

Pro tip: choose accommodation that’s not too far from the attractions you want to visit so you can explore your destination on foot.

Prefer a backpack instead of a suitcase

This can apply only to shorter travels, but it can save you a lot of money. When you are on a budget you may not have extra money for checked luggage.

Luckily, most companies allow you to have a free carry-on bag with you. Try to only pack essential items and to choose a backpack that suits your travel style.

You’ll also save time since you won’t need to wait for your luggage at the airport.

Choose non-expensive travel destinations

The more popular travel destinations are also the most expensive ones. There are so many amazing places that aren’t very touristy and cost much less.

Countries from South East Asia, Latin America, or even some countries from East Europe cost less and are equally gorgeous as the more popular destinations.

Just do some research online on the cheaper destinations and choose one that spikes your interest. You’ll get to experience a different culture and delicious local food.

Work while you travel

Many people are able to travel longer by being digital nomads or by working abroad. It’s a great way to fund your travels and if you’re able to, you should take advantage of it!

Digital nomads are people that can work remotely, like graphic designers, programmers, translators, and writers.

They just need a computer and an internet connection to work and they’re able to organize their own working hours.

Alternatively, you can get temporary work. You could, for example, wait tables, clean, work in sales, work as a bartender or teach your native language.

All these options would help you earn money and fund your travels and it’s how many are able to afford to travel for months.

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