Day trips: how to successfully plan them?


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We feel that day trips are often overlooked by travelers. When thinking of travel, people usually think about longer trips. But day trips are actually very fun and allow you to get away from your everyday life (even if it’s just for one day).

We decided to write this article to give you some tips on how to plan for day trips. We already have an article on how to plan a trip, but it is focused on long trips. So, we thought it would be useful to write one on day trips too.

A day trip can be a wonderful adventure and offer you the chance to travel much more during the year. You can use the weekends or any days off you get during the week to fit in a day trip.

We’re sure there are many nice places near where you live that you could visit. We discovered many gems by going on day trips, such as small cities and natural parks we wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

So, how can you prepare for a day trip? Here are our tips:

Plan your trip


We’re huge fans of planning, so even if you’re only traveling for one day, we suggest having a plan. Decide where you want to go and how do you want to get there.

Are you taking your car? Are you traveling by train? Who are you going with? After deciding the means of travel, think about what you need to do to prepare. Buy your train ticket or put gas in your car.

Think about what you want to see and consider what’s the best route to get there. Which one is the most scenic one? If you take a longer route, maybe there are other places along the way that you can visit too.

We often see multiple places when they’re near each other.

Get up early

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This is probably the best tip we could give you. If you only pick one tip from this guide, pick this one. Getting up early allows you to see so much more and to fully take advantage of your day trip.

We would suggest at least to get up by 6.30 AM, but we have also often woken up earlier and it was amazing. By waking up early, you can visit more places and take your time.

You won’t need to run from one place to another because half of the day already passed while you were waking up and having breakfast. So, make it a habit to wake up earlier.

Pack your lunch


Day trips seem to be the perfect time to bring your own lunch. We always pack some sandwiches and snacks from home and avoid eating at restaurants.

It allows us to save time for sightseeing and visiting and we also save money since we don’t need to eat out.

We also like the picnic type lunch in a park or on the beach. It is much more fun and relaxing.

Bring water with you

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Don’t forget to bring water with you. Staying hydrated is super important, even more, if you’re traveling during summer. So, bring water with you.

Take your reusable water with you so you can re-fill it when you finish it. Many places have drinking water available, so you’ll just need a bottle. Tell your friends to take their bottles too so no one remains without water.

Dress in layers


If you follow our wake-up early suggestion, it’s probably going to be colder when you start your trip and warmer during the day. So, dress in layers to avoid being too cold or too hot.

Depending on the season, bring warmer clothes that you can take off during the day if the temperature gets high. We often bring different shoes too if we travel by car.

Speaking of shoes


And speaking of shoes, put on a comfortable pair of shoes. You’re probably going to walk a lot and your feet will thank you for that comfortable pair of walking shoes.

If you’ve bought a new pair that you can’t wait to wear, a day trip is probably not the best time to do so. New shoes often take some time to adjust and getting blisters will ruin your trip.

Be flexible

Yes, we told you to plan but you don’t have to follow your plan religiously. You can be flexible and follow your desires throughout the day.

Maybe, while you drive, you see a place that draws you in. It wasn’t on your list and you didn’t plan to see it. But who is stopping you?

It’s your trip and you can change it and adjust it as much as you like.

Don’t fill up your day too much

And finally, don’t fill up your day too much. You can of course do many things in one day. And we usually plan to visit at least two or three places when going on a day trip. But leave some extra free time.

You want to have time to really enjoy your trip. So, take into account some time to just enjoy the place where you’re going and add it to your plan.

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