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You have a great DSLR or Mirrorless camera and you’re thinking about buying a tripod. But how do you choose one? If you’re not really sure what to look for, don’t worry. We are here to help you choose the best tripod for your travels while helping you decide if you really need it.

First of all, your travel tripod has to be light, small, adjustable, sturdy, and easy to set up. Light and small tripods are easy to carry with you during your travels. But it has to also be adjustable and sturdy enough to carry your camera. Finally, when you’re traveling you want a tripod that it’s easy to set up so you can start taking pictures right away.

One of the key features of a good travel tripod is the ability to fold its legs in order to make it shorter and easier to carry in your backpack. So always check it’s minimum height to make sure it’s small enough.

Let’s see now in detail what are the features you should take into consideration before buying a tripod:


You should consider two types of height, the minimum height, and the height it extends to. It really depends on your needs. If you take a lot of photos from low angles, you’ll need a tripod that has a good minimum height. While if you take a lot of landscape pictures, you’ll need one that extends a lot.


Weight is another important feature to consider. A tripod that has a low weight is easy to carry around. But at the same time, it can’t weigh too little because otherwise, it loses sturdiness. You can also understand a tripod’s sturdiness by checking its weight capacity. Be careful in picking a tripod that is able to hold your camera and accessories’ weight.

Folding size

It’s important to find a good balance here because if it folds too much it loses height, and if it folds too little it can be heavy and difficult to carry around.

Build materials

Tripods are usually made from aluminum or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is lighter and stronger, but it usually is also more expensive.

Counterweight hooks

This feature may not seem very important, but it can add stability to your tripod. You can use your camera bag to add weight and consequently more stability.

Are you still wondering if you really need a tripod? Well, it depends on what kind of pictures you’re taking. If you don’t take pictures of yourself and don’t really take pictures in low-light conditions, then you don’t really need one. But a tripod could improve your photography anyway as it offers more stability to your camera and allows you to get more creative.

Let’s see the best travel tripods for your next travel:

Disclosure: we only recommend products we would use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own. If you buy through the links we may earn a small commission.

Peak Design Travel Tripod

Peak Design Tripod

Peak Design Travel Tripod is our favorite lightweight tripod. It has an extended height of 153 cm and a folded height of 39 cm. It is available both in aluminum and carbon fiber and has a lifetime guarantee.

This tripod has an easy and quick setup, so you won’t lose any time trying to figure out how to open it. It also has a secure and fast camera release.

The tripod itself weights 1.27 or 1.56 kg depending on the material and it has a weight capacity of 9 kg. You can shot both low angles and eye-level pictures with it.

Finally, all the parts are cleanable and replaceable, and their materials are weather resistant.

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3 Legged Thing Leo 2.0 Tripod

3 legged thing leo tripod

The 3 Legged Thing Leo 2.0 is made from carbon fiber and has an extended height of 147 cm and a folded height of 35 cm. It weights 1.85 kg and can carry an incredible load of 30 kg.

This tripod has also a detachable monopod leg for those that need stability on the move. It can also convert to a tabletop tripod for those low-angle pictures.

It is extremely sturdy and a great choice for those photographers that have a lot of camera accessories and need extra support. The 3 Legged Thing comes with a 5-year guarantee.

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SIRUI AM2-Series AM-254 Tripod

SIRUI AM2-Series AM-254  Tripod

The Sirui AM-254 has an extended height of 120 cm and a folded height of 44 cm. The tripod weighs 1.02 kg so it is lighter than the previous tripods we proposed, and it has a weight capacity of 12 kg.

It is made from carbon fiber with an aluminum head mounting plate. It doesn’t have a center column and it’s equipped with twist locks.

There are six models available, of different sizes and with or without the head. It is a light and sturdy tripod, perfect for your travels.

The Sirui comes with a six-year guarantee.

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Manfrotto Befree Advanced Tripod

Manfrotto Befree Tripod

The Manfrotto Befree is a lightweight tripod that is easy to use and configure. It is made from aluminum which makes it stable and strong.

Its plate is compatible with most common head attachments so you can easily change it.

It has a maximum height of 151 cm and a foldable height of 38 cm while its maximum load is of 8 kg.

Finally, you can choose between lever locks or twist locks depending on which one you prefer.

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JOBY GorillaPod 5K Travel Tripod

Joby GorillaPod

The Joby GorillaPod is the smallest of the list. It is a very popular travel tripod due to its portability and flexibility.

The Joby GorillaPod only weighs 0.70 kg and has a capacity of 5 kg. It has the smallest capacity on our list but if you don’t have a lot of camera gear it can be the right choice for you.

Its height reaches only 38 cm, so if you need a tripod that extends a lot this isn’t the right fit for you.

One of the best features of this tripod is its flexible legs. Its legs allow you to get creative with your pictures and use them to take unusual pictures.

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