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Hammock tents are suspended tents that you set up between two trees. They are often preferred to classical camping tents because they allow more flexibility. You just need two trees and don’t have to worry about the muddy ground or sharp stones.

In this guide, we will focus on hammock tents designed for sleep. These tents are equipped with mosquito netting, rain protection, and a suspension system.

When deciding which hammock tent to buy, you need to consider several factors:


Depending on your budget, you might be able to get a more expensive or a cheaper hammock tent. There are options that are under $50 and options that cost more than $200.

It’s up to you to consider which one you prefer buying. If you need it for a couple of nights during the summer, then a cheaper tent will work just fine.

But if you plan on using it frequently, consider investing in one that is a bit more expensive.


The weight of the tent is important especially if you are backpacking. You don’t want to carry too much weight when walking a lot.

Choose a lightweight hammock tent if you’ll carry it in your backpack. Otherwise, you can opt for a heavier type.


There are one-person and two-person tents. The two-person tents have more space but are a bit heavier.

But even if you’re traveling alone, you might prefer the two-person tent if you have a lot of gear and need storage space.


Quality materials are of course very important. You want a hammock tent that’s going to support you and any gear you want to store inside.

Check out the weight they’re able to support and stay always on the safe side with tents that are bigger than you think you need.

These are our hammock tents suggestions:

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Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock and Tent

Lawson Hammock Tent

This hammock tent has been rated one of the best hammocks by leading publications. Its unique design allows it to stay flat and avoid the “cocoon” effect many hammocks have.

You can use it anywhere, as long as there are two objects between which to spread it. It is easy to set up and it has a detachable and waterproof rainfly.

The Lawson Hammock has a weight limit of 275 lbs. and a total weight of 4.25 lbs.

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Hennessy Hammock Tent

Hennessy Hammock

The Hennessy Hammock is made from nylon and it can fit anyone up to 6ft and 250lbs. It is durable and comfortable and weighs only 2.12 lbs.

It is equipped with a mosquito mesh and a rain tarp, so you don’t need to worry about weather or bugs.

The asymmetrical shape allows you to lay on the diagonal and have a comfortable sleep.

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Easthills Outdoors Portable Double Camping Hammock

Easthills Hammock

The Easthills Outdoors Hammock can fit two persons and supports a maximum capacity of 700 lbs. You can also use it as a solo tent if you like having lots of space or have a lot of gear to store.

This model also has a mesh that offers protection from bugs and a rainfly. It is easy to set up and it only weighs 36 oz.

There are four internal hanging loops and two gear pockets inside to store your personal items.

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ENO Onelink Hammock

ENO Onelink Hammock

This complete hammock system includes a hammock, a suspension system, a bug net, a rainfly, and stakes. It is easy to set up and easy to carry around since it only weighs 4.5 pounds.

This hammock tent is made from durable, quick-dry nylon and can support up to 400 lbs. It is available in Navy and Olive and it has a size of 12.1 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches.

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Oak Creek Camping Hammock

Oak Creek Hammocks

This hammock bundle includes everything you need to set up your tent. It includes a hammock, a rainfly, a bug net, two tree straps, two aluminum carabiners, two stakes, and two guy lines.

The Oak Creek hammock is made from tear-resistant nylon that can support up to 350 lbs. It is easy to set up and weighs less than 4 pounds.

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