Best Affordable Beach Vacations


It’s about time to get that well-deserved vacation! After years of working, you’ve finally decided to take a break, de-stress, put your savings into good use and invest in your mental health by going on a vacation. First thing on your mind? Beach resorts. True enough, there’s no shortage of beautiful beach destinations around the world but it’s definitely hard to find one that won’t empty your wallet on Day 1. Of course, you’d also want to go to a beach resort that is not just affordable but also somewhere where you can enjoy, relax, and have fun!

It can be stressful to find the perfect beach vacation spot when you have millions to choose from. If you’re on a budget, we got you. We’ve rounded out some of the best affordable beach vacations around the world. Take a pick from our list and get that vacation you so deserve!

South Padre Island, Texas

If you’re the type who loves the rush of adrenaline you get from extreme sports, South Padre Island is the beach for you. The island used to be a desolate place where native Karankawa Indians, migratory birds, and sea turtles were the only residents. They offer a variety of water activities including parasailing, kiteboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding. You can bring your dog with you, too, as the island is pet-friendly. La Quinta Inn & Suites, Super 8, The Inn at South Padre, Pearl South Padre, and La Copa Inn Beach Hotel have pet-friendly accommodations.

There are just so many things to do at South Padre Island. You can go to their adventure park, learn how to make sandcastles, watch birds at the Laguna Madre Nature Trail, or go on a fishing excursion. If you like to just chill by the bay, they have plenty of restaurants and live music venues, too.

Ocean City, Maryland

If you’re up for surfing, Ocean City’s waves have been the go-to spot of surfers for decades. The beach is absolutely free and it’s the best place to spend the vacation with your family. You can take a walk, jog, or bike along their famous three-mile boardwalk and grab some French fries from Thrasher’s while you’re at it. The view of the sea could do you good.

Whether surfing, canoeing, fishing, or kayaking, you’ll never run out of fun things to do at Ocean City! They have amusement parks, arcades, rides, and games. You can give the famous merry-go-round at Trimper’s Rides a try or if you want something more thrilling, try their roller coaster ride. The town also hosts weekly free events like light shows, fireworks displays, Family Beach Olympics, movies by the beach, concerts and performances, and more.

Corfu, Greece

One of the best out-of-country beach vacations you can visit is Corfu, Greece. Corfu is not that famous compared to the other beach destinations in Greece but it’s just as fun and more affordable than the others. Their beaches are clean and crystal-clear and surrounded by trees and plants. They have pebbled beaches and sandy shores. You can visit Paleokastritsa, located on the west side of Corfu if you want to go snorkeling. It also has the best sunset view. Alternatively, you can try out their other famous beach spots including Canal d’Amour, Agios Gordis, Pelekas and Glyfada. There’s just too many to choose from! If you’re on a tight budget, make sure to book flights through small, regional airlines and look for cheaper accommodations in advance.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

To save up on expenses, make sure to not visit Myrtle Beach during peak seasons (June – September). It’s best to visit the beach in spring or late autumn as establishments tend to increase their price range during peak seasons. Myrtle Beach is one of the most sought-after beach destinations on the Atlantic coast and they have thousands of activities and attractions that you can enjoy. If you want to give golf a shot, you can choose from their 100 celebrity-designed golf courses. Check out Ripley’s Aquarium, Alligator Adventure, Broadway at the Beach, and Carolina Opry as well to maximize your time there. The scenery and the broad range of fun activities you’ll do there will surely take your mind off of work!

The beach stretches for 60 miles and it offers a wide array of vacation rentals, award-winning restaurants, waterparks, amusement parks, water sports, campgrounds, motels, and outdoor shopping complexes. There are just so many things to do that you’ll wish you’ll have more time to spend there.

Daytona Beach, Florida

Another affordable beach vacation favourite is Daytona Beach located in Florida. Understandably so because the famous vacation spot offers tons of adventures that won’t hurt your pocket. Some of the free things you can do at Daytona is to go on a tour at Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory (where you can also get a free sample), visit the North Peninsula State Recreation Area, or watch the sunrise or sunset at Sun Splash Park where they also offer free, off-beach parking. If you feel like spending a little, try parasailing, hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding, or going on an eco-boat tour. Daytona is famous for its motorsports attractions, the Daytona International Speedway and the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.

Palawan Island, Philippines

Want to go somewhere new and exotic for a change? Try Palawan! White sand beaches, beautiful scenery, perfect weather, clear blue waters, rich cultural heritage and history, and thrilling water activities, you’ll find it all in over 1,700 islands in Palawan. If you’re the kind who loves water activities, this is the perfect beach vacation spot! El Nido, Coron, and Puerto Princesa are among the most popular islands visited by tourists. Try visiting Puerto Princesa’s Subterranean River National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999 if you’re up for a cave tour. If not, you can also go scuba diving at the shipwrecks of Coron Bay or try island-hopping at Honda Bay. Traveling to the Philippines might cost you a little but once you get there, almost everything is affordable and budget-friendly.

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