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After many months of being unable to travel, many of us cannot wait to pack our bags and finally go on a trip again. In this article, we share our travel essentials to help you create your own travel packing list.

If you ever traveled before, you know that there is always something that you forget to bring with you. You check your suitcase over and over, making sure that everything is there. And somehow you still forget to bring a brush or even worse to bring multiple pairs of underwear.

So, how did we solve this issue? We keep a Travel Essentials list at hand to avoid forgetting important travel items and to speed up the packing process. Some travel items always come with us on our trips, while others are destination or weather dependant.

If you are planning a trip, keep reading our 10 Top Travel Essentials guide to discover our must-have travel checklist.

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Blue Suitcases

The first item you need is, of course, a bag or suitcase. Depending on the length and purpose of your travel, you will need a different kind of luggage. If you are going on a two-day business trip you are going to need fewer and definitely different kinds of clothes than on a two-week summer vacation. So, as a result, your travel packing list is going to be different.

You can choose between backpacks, wheeled backpacks, wheeled luggage, carry-on luggage, and duffel bags. If you need help choosing your new suitcase, check out this article on the best suitcases for your next trip.

Travel tip: Always check the airline company regulations on luggage size/weight. Usually, companies have specific size and weight restrictions for checked baggage. The bags you are allowed to bring with you on the plane should fit under seats or in overhead bins.


People holding passports

A key travel essential is of course your ID. To travel nationally you will only need your ID but if you are planning an international travel do not forget to bring your passport with you. Check if you need any visa to travel to your destination to avoid any delays or problems at the customs.

Travel tip: If you travel with your family or friends, you could each pick a personalized passport cover to be able to identify each one quickly.


iphone and mac

Another one of the travel essentials today is for sure our technology items. Do not forget to bring your phone with you to keep in touch with your loved ones. Also, bring your laptop with you to keep up with your favorite Netflix show or even to work remotely from a peaceful seaside or from a balcony in a busy city.

Check if you have packed your chargers too. And to stay on the safe side, buy a portable charger to never run out of power.

Travel tip: a protective phone case can save you from an unpleasant surprise. Buy one here.

Headphones/Ear buds


Whether you are more of a headphones or earbuds type, remember to pack your favorite pair. They will come in handy to listen to some music or watching a movie while you are waiting for your flight.

Check out these travel headphones for inspiration.

Travel tip: Always bring with you a spare pair in case the one you usually use breaks.

Books or e-Reader

ipad and books

As avid readers some of our personal top travel essentials are books. During train trips, in the airport or on the beach, everywhere is a good place to read a good book. We love paper books because they just have a different feeling. And after all the time we spend looking at screens, it is nice to read a traditional book.

But you cannot bring too many with you on vacation. So a good alternative is an e-Reader full of the titles you want to read. Check out some good e-Readers here.


hand with a camera

A good camera is essential to capture your trip’s memories. If you don’t have one yet, you could choose between a DSLR, a Mirrorless, or a point-and-shoot camera. They each have their perks and can adapt to your preferences and needs.

If you want a smaller camera the point and shoot is the best choice. It fits in your pocket and weighs very little. If you want instead to have a wider set of technical options and greater control choose between a DSLR and a Mirrorless camera. Check out our article to see the differences between DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

No matter what type of camera you choose, do not forget to bring with you an extra memory card. You do not want to end up with no more space on your camera right when you are about to take one of the best pictures of your life. And, of course, do not forget your charger.

Travel tip: a selfie stick is your friend whether you travel alone or with friends.


clothes on rail

What kind of clothes or shoes you need to bring with you depends on your destination and the season in which you are travelling. We would recommend bringing both warmer and lighter clothes, no matter the season.

You could encounter colder weather where you are headed despite it being summer, or it could be the other way around. So, always consider multiple options for your clothing.

Travel tip: remember to bring with you some slippers in order to be comfortable when you are inside.


toiletries toothpaste

Hotel shampoo is not our favorite because it leaves our hair dry so we always bring a small bottle with our own shampoo from home. Remember to also bring your toothpaste, toothbrush, and deodorant.

Travel tip: any bottle you take with you on a plane should be less than 100 ml, otherwise you will not be able to take it with you.

Water bottle

reusable water bottle

A must-have item, at least for us, is a water bottle. We bought a steel bottle a couple of years ago and it has been lifesaving. Whether you want to bring hot coffee with you or ice-cold tea, with a steel bottle you can keep their temperature unchanged for hours and hours.

Check out this article on the best stainless steel water bottles.


pills medication

It is really annoying trying to find a pharmacy when you are in a different country and need medication. Try to pack an essential travel kit for whatever season you are traveling in, for example, pain and fever relievers, cold medicines, allergy medicines, sunburn cream, insect repellent, motion sickness pills, and any medicines that you personally need if you have a medical condition. And, of course, do not forget to bring a mask.

Hope our travel essentials inspired you to prepare your own travel checklist for your next trip! Having a travel packing list helps you save time and ensures that you don’t forget important items at home.

What are your travel essentials? Tell us in the comments!

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